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Programming Camera Movements

I would like to have pre-programmed camera movements built in to my vMix. I have an X-Keys control pad and would like to have a button that says "wide pan" which would pan the camera, I would fade to the shot as it is panning.

Does anyone have an idea how I might do this?

Thanks, Dave.

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Hey David! Thanks for your question. Within vMix, you would direct your camera input to where you want the preset to be. You then go into that camera input and select "create virtual input" of that position. That will create an additional input of the particular camera position, so when you trigger that input, the camera will go to that location.

Then, or your shortcuts, you would search for a function for the "virtual input" you've created that will trigger that input live..Some that come to mind are- play, active input, mark in, or overlay input 4. Hope this helps! 


I’m doing this manually. I’m controlling my two cameras with an Elgato stream deck through companion app. So, in program, I have camera A, in preview I have camera B which I pan it slowly and I press transition button. 

A programmable auto pan for PTZ cameras would be great. Set the A point, set the B point, set the speed and set the loop (maybe). This feature would be very appreciated. 

Hi Tiberiu,

The cameras feature a rough form of what you are currently suggesting I believe to allow movement between two (2) presets at a set speed.

  • Set Preset 1 to a unique location
  • Set Preset 2 to a unique location
  • Open the cameras OSD
  • Navigate to "P/T/Z" and select
    • Navigate to "Call Preset Speed" and adjust to your desired movement speed
    • Return to the main OSD menu
  • Navigate to "SETUP" and select
    • Navigate to "Auto Scan Shoot" and turn from the default of "Off" to "On"
    • A camera reboot may be required to commit
  • The camera will now move between Preset 1 and Preset 2 at the dictated Preset Recall Speed
  • To disable to this function requires your to turn the "Auto SCan Shoot" feature back to "Off"
    • A camera reboot may be required to commit

I hope this information proves to have some value for your needs and if you have any other questions about the cameras please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

Thank you for your reply. It will help me a lot!

Can this be done with the PT20X-NDI-ZCAM? I cannot find it in the OSD. Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi Marc,

Unfortunately this is only a feature on our units that feature pan and tilt capabilities.

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to return to the forums.

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