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Joystick Control- Invert Tilt

I just finished setting up the PT-JOY-G3 joystick with PT30X-SDI-WH-G2 and was looking for a way to invert the tilt control of the actual joystick. By default when the joystick is pushed upward it tilts the camera upward however it is intuitive for me to operate the camera in the inverse way where pushing the joystick up actually tilts the camera downward. Is it possible to configure the PT-JOY-G3 to do this? I thought this would be a feature within the joystick setup but was not able to find it, perhaps I am missing it? If this currently does not exist, feature request for a future firmware upgrade? Thanks!

Hi Nate,

This is in our current firmware for the PT-JOY-G3 & HC-JOY-G3 joystick controllers.

The new firmware includes a number of new updates for the PT-JOY-G3 such as the following:

Ability to invert control at the joystick from the joysticks OSD

Ability to utilize UDP or TCP for control of cameras

Ability to use custom defined TCP / UDP ports for control of cameras

Ability to push and hold 'ESC' to lock the joystick; simply press and hold 'ESC' again to release

PTZOptics default ports: TCP (5678) or UDP (1259)

To get this firmware simply reach out to with the serial number of your joystick controller and they'll be happy to supply you with the latest and greatest firmware.

If you have any questions or suggestions in the future please don't hesitate to come back.

Interesting post.  Is the Zoom Control always 'clockwise to zoom in' and 'counterclockwise to zoom out'?  Or is the zoom function also software selectable?

Hello Mike,

There is no way to flip or invert the Zoom control on the controller.

So the Zoom control will always work as you described.

Clockwise to Zoom in

Anticlockwise to Zoom out

Thanks so much for  your reply Colin B

That only leaves the Left / Right control

It seems to me that if the camera and mount are flipped, Left becomes Right and Right becomes Left

I freely admit that I have a bit of trouble wrapping my head around this, but I am so grateful to have discovered Joystick Invert Control 

Hi Mike,

When you flip the camera image for mounting the camera upside down, the PTZ control will automatically invert for the new orientation.

(You can flip the Image through the OSD menu under the Image sub menu)

But if needed, the Joystick (PT-JOY-G3) also has an option to invert the Pan controls.

In the Joysticks Setup menu, Option 6 is for Inverting Pan and Option 7 is for Inverting Tilt control. 

Wow, Colin!

That nails it

Perfect - even I can take it from there

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