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Recommended Recording Settings

What is the best recommended recording settings using .264 at 30hz 1080p?
I don't want to go crazy on the bandwidth, but I want to be sure to catch every detail for later archive purposes.
I will be recording in OBS while simultaneously streaming over facebook.
Just something that looks very good in archive.
I'm thinking 8190kbps?
would PTZOptics Streaming Settings Guide (RTSP, NDI and RTMP) be great settings for this purpose?
would any detail be left behind using those settings?

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Hi John,

This is an excellent question that really needs a bit more considered to properly choose a bitrate.

With how H264 handles compression the complexity of the scene and the percentage of movement you expect to see within that scene can have a direct impact on the required bitrate.

I have found for a 1080@30 production that a bitrate of 8192 kbps s typically sufficient for a good quality production.

If you are using this content for archival purposes I might recommend checking out using MJPEG instead of H264 for content that has gone through less compression; note this will result in substantially larger bandwidth allocation so make sure your network is capable of supporting the MJPEG feed.

Once the MJPEG content is ingested by OBS and you are recording you can use OBS streaming out in H264 to save on outgoing bandwidth.

I hope there have been some helpful hints above and if there are any additional questions we can help with please come back.

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