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I'm trying to capture two PTZ PTVL-ZCAM at 1080p60. According to a post on your site-Duo 2 Compatibility-that doesn't seem to work with the capture card I have now, the BlackMagic DeckLink Duo 2. Do you know of another dual input capture card that would work? I have to be able to do Nvidia GPU Direct to the GPU. 



the black magic Duo 2 will work with certain resolutions out of our cameras, but not with 1080p50, 60, or 59.94. if you are looking for a good capture card solution we suggest the cards made by magewell found HERE. these are very reliable devices at a reasonable price point.

Hi is there any update on when the PTZoptics cameras will work at 1080p50 on SDI with Black Magic cards.  I have other cameras that work and with BlackMagic being a big player it would be great to solve this.  I can make them work using HDMI to SDI converters but that is another thing to go wrong. 

Hi Leo,

We have done what we can to solve this issue through firmware updates. And it looks like there will not be a fix for this issue on the current G2 generation of cameras. 

At this point the cameras (not including ZCAMs) are capable of outputting some additional broadcast framerates which allow for more resolutions/framerates that will work with Blackmagic devices. But 1080p60, 50, and 59.94 still will not work over SDI with Blackmagic products. 


On the website and in the youtube video about compatibility between Atem TVS HD en PTZ Optics camera, is told/written dat by SDI you can connect with 1080p30. I have bought since yesterday the TVS HD, but does not connect on 1080p30 by SDI. What was the setting of the camera in that test?


Henny from Holland

Hello Henny,

If you are using one of the PTZ models try using the 1080p29.97 option instead. That would be dial position C. And make sure the ATEM's input video format is set to match.

(Be sure to reboot the camera after making changes to the System Select dial)

The Blackmagic hardware seems to handle the broadcast framerates better.


Thanks for your reply. After upgrading to the last firmware 63.04 > 63.11 is does work.




I've got several PTZ 30x and PT20x-ZCAMS working well on a BMD TVSHD set to 1080p, 29.97... However, I can't seem to get the one PTVL-ZCAM we have to work.  It connects and you can see the image perfectly through the switch just for about 30 second upon boot up, then it flickers out and never returns.  The camera is fine as it is seen via IP and SDI direct connect to a monitor perfectly.  Definitely an incompatibility with the switch.  Any suggestions????

Hi Michael,

For the Zcams, they cannot do the 29.97 or 59.94 framerates, so that does lead to some incompatibilities with the ATEMS and other Blackmagic pieces of hardware. You would have to use the PAL framerates of 25 or 50 or use a framerate converter to turn the 1080p30 from the camera into a 1080p29.97 to make this work. 

We like the Decimator MD HX, but others should work as well. 

We are using a PT30X-SDI-G2 camera connected via HDMI to a BMD ATEM TV Studio HD for our church streaming. The ATEM is running in 1080P/60 (59.94 actually). Yesterday, I added a PT12X-ZCAM for the second camera. Since the ZCAM only has an SDI output with 1080P/30 maximum, I changed the ATEM to 30 FPS (29.94) as well as the PT30X-SDI-G2 camera. Well of all strange things, the Sony projector that's connected to the Aux output on the ATEM won't accept a 30 FPS signal, only 60. I have to either put a Decimator between the ZCAM and feed the ATEM in 60 FPS or run the ATEM and all cameras in 30 FPS and put the Decimator between the ATEM and the Sony projector and increase the framerate just before the projector. Is there a benefit of running the entire system at 60 FPS instead of 30 FPS? Thank you.

This issue is usually because the ATEM is looking for broadcast framerates over the solid ones, and the PTZO cameras can handle broadcast framerates but the Zcams cannot. You can always run the Zcam at 1080p60, that is an option for the SDI output of the unit but it does not have 1080p59.94 which is generally what the ATEMS are looking for. From my experience, you do still need a decimator to get the Zcams working correctly over SDI with the ATEMS. 

One of my 30x SDI (Gen 2) cameras seems to be frozen on the SDI output.  The HDMI works fine but I cannot run a long HDMI cable to the camera.

I've fed it into a Blackmagic DeckLink Quad2 board and the other cameras are working fine.  Just not this one.

I have full control of the camera but the SDI output is like a still image that never changes no matter where I point the camera.

Hi Richard -

Your post reminded me of an issue we ran into.

We also have a 30x SDI (Gen 2) camera and when I applied the 6.3.20 firmware we started to get camera lockups where only a frozen image came over the HDMI output. The camera seemed 'alive', but only output the frozen image after several days (we only use the camera once a week but it is powered all the time).

When I fell back to 6.3.12 no more frozen images (and have never had the issue previously).

I had opened a case with support but the usual stuff of factory reset and power off/on did not help. They also said no-one else had reported any similar issues.

Right now I am keeping an eye out for newer firmware but the 30x does not seem to get updated that often. If I get another camera soon, I will look to warranty repair. I really suspect a firmware bug or incompatibility with the model.

Additionally, we have an ATEM Mini Pro and unless I run the camera at 60fps the ATEM output loses sync (it will only show an odd portion of the image on the ATEM Mini output and sometimes flashes back-and-forth between a normal image and the odd portion).

I sure hope a Gen 3 camera with updated hardware is forthcoming.

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