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I have several PT30X-SDI cameras being installed in conference and boardroooms.  I would like to control them via Visca over IP, and have your list of Visca commands but believe I am missing the header information or other protocol requirements.  Do you have any IP programming modules available or only the RS232.  Any other information to help would be appreciated.

Hi Clay,

So I'll do my best to provide a brief introduction to the PTZOptics VISCA over IP and default control configurations.

It sounds like you have already discovered the PTZOptics VISCA over IP commands as available from the Resources / Downloads section of the PTZOptics Website

When reviewing the commands one thing you may notice, if more familiar with Sony commands, is that our commands do not require a header.

As an example if issuing the HOME command both Sony and PTZOptics will use the following command: 81 01 06 04 FF

Issuing this command to a PTZOptics is all you need to do; a Sony will require proper header information to be added.

By default the PTZOptics cameras will listen for TCP Control on Port 5678 and for UDP Control on Port 1259.

Our current Crestron module is based on RS232 but we are in the midst of creating a new version in support of both IP and RS232 control methods to better support clients such as yourself.

If you have any other questions about controlling PTZOptics cameras please do not hesitate to return to the PTZOptics forums.

Thank You,

That clears up some misconceptions on my part.  I should not have assumed there would be header and authorization in the commands.  Old habits die hard.

Hi Clay,

Very glad I was able to assist on this topic of interest.

If you've been doing this for awhile it only makes good sense you would have expected those to be there... I would have too!

If you have any other questions that arise as you're getting your system programmed please don;t hesitate to return to the forums.

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