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BlackMagic ATEM TV Studio HD Pro - Visca Control SOLVED

Hey all, just a quick note in-case anyone finds them self stuck in this same situation. Contrary to all on-line information I managed to get the BlackMagic ATEM Television Studio HD Pro to output correct RS422 VISCA commands, then using a Moxa converter to RS232 to control 3 PTZOptics cameras. There was some trick to the pinout on both ends, and having to daisy chain through each camera, only taking the TX our of the final camera back into the RX of the Moxa (back to the BM), but It is working reliably for PTZ control of multiple cameras.


If anyone else finds themselves needing to accomplish this feel free to PM me for more info...


BlackMagic Pinout (RS422 on DB9):

5 = GND, 3 = Rx+, 8 = Rx-, 7 = Tx+, 2 = Tx-


BlackMagic 422 -> Moxa TCC-80 (Converts to RS232)


- RS232 Pin 5 = Ground for all cameras (can be Y Split to All or cabled sequentially)

- RS232 Pin 2 = Tx to RS232 In Rx Pin on 1st camera

- RS232 Out Tx Pin on each Camera goes to RS232 in Rx pin on next camera

- RS232 Tx Pin on RS232 In Connector of last camera goes back to RS232 Pin 3 (Rx) on Moxa


This created a loop needed for the address negotiation to work correctly and the BlackMagic to detect the correct amount of cameras connected.


Tested with PTZOptics 20x-SDI cameras.

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