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BlackMagic ATEM TV Studio HD Pro - Visca Control SOLVED

Hey all, just a quick note in-case anyone finds them self stuck in this same situation. Contrary to all on-line information I managed to get the BlackMagic ATEM Television Studio HD Pro to output correct RS422 VISCA commands, then using a Moxa converter to RS232 to control 3 PTZOptics cameras. There was some trick to the pinout on both ends, and having to daisy chain through each camera, only taking the TX our of the final camera back into the RX of the Moxa (back to the BM), but It is working reliably for PTZ control of multiple cameras.


If anyone else finds themselves needing to accomplish this feel free to PM me for more info...


BlackMagic Pinout (RS422 on DB9):

5 = GND, 3 = Rx+, 8 = Rx-, 7 = Tx+, 2 = Tx-


BlackMagic 422 -> Moxa TCC-80 (Converts to RS232)


- RS232 Pin 5 = Ground for all cameras (can be Y Split to All or cabled sequentially)

- RS232 Pin 2 = Tx to RS232 In Rx Pin on 1st camera

- RS232 Out Tx Pin on each Camera goes to RS232 in Rx pin on next camera

- RS232 Tx Pin on RS232 In Connector of last camera goes back to RS232 Pin 3 (Rx) on Moxa


This created a loop needed for the address negotiation to work correctly and the BlackMagic to detect the correct amount of cameras connected.


Tested with PTZOptics 20x-SDI cameras.

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Hey Steve,

Quick question. What Converter are you using. Could you send a link? We have one camera we are trying to control. PTZ SDI 30x. Also do you have a pic of what it looks like all hooked up? 


What Cord did you use to accomplish this? Could you do this with one ptz?

The converter I used was a MOXA TCC-80

To wire for a single camera,  (Make this cable as long as you need to to get out to your camera)

BlackMagic RS422 (DB9) to MOXA RS422 (Phoenix)

DB9 Pin 5 = Phoenix GND

DB9 Pin 3 = Phoenix Rx+

DB9 Pin 8 = Phoenix Rx-

DB9 Pin 7 = Phoenix Tx+

DB9 Pin 2 = Phoenix Tx-

MOXA RS232 (DB8) to PTZ Optics Camera

Should be able to use the factory shipped RS232 Cable for a Single Camera system.

Make sure you set the MOXA to RS422 on the dip switches underneath it.

Set the RS232 speed to 9600 in the BlackMagic then hit the Test/refresh/etc. button to find the cameras.  Sorry can't remember the button name, but it's near the bottom of the main settings menu.

Steve: How would this work for 3 cameras?

James Hardy: Did you order the cheaper version? How did it work out for you if you did?

Steve...I'm getting the same switcher and I also have 3 PTZ Optics cameras as well. I'm not sure how to PM in this forum, but I'd be interested if you have a diagram or pics of what you did and is it still working?

Hey Steve,

I have a Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD and want hook both up to be controlled from the ATEM software. The info you laid out is really easy to follow. I was wondering if you could maybe make a similar guide for multiple PTZ cameras. Specifically the bit about looping the TX line back our of the final camera.



Hey all,

Sorry I don't frequent this forum regularly.

To control multiple cameras:

  1. Follow the above procedure for wiring the BlackMagic RS422 (DB9) to MOXA RS422 (Phoenix)
  2. You will need to acquire more VISACA din cables - 2 VISCA din connectors are required for each camera
  3. The PTZ Optics Cameras have a VISCA In and a separate VISCA Out connector.  When the Address command is received on the IN, it forward the command to the Out but increments +1 to the Address Value.  This is how you can address a chain of Cameras.  The BlackMagic waits for a reply and needs to hear the reply from ONLY the last camera in the chain to know how many cameras to control.  As such we need to do some creative wiring.  We can use the VISCA IN connector for our reply back form the LAST CAMERA as it will reply the same Address command out both VISCA ports.
  4. MOXA RS232 (DB9) to Camera Chain
  • MOXA DB9 Pin 5 (Ground) to Camera 1 VISCA IN Pin 4 (Ground)
  • MOXA DB9 Pin 2 (Tx) to FIRST CAMERA VISCA IN Pin 3 (Rx)
  • MOXA DB9 Pin 3 (Rx) to LAST CAMERA VISCA IN Pin 5 (Tx) (We don't need to use the Out on this camera as explained above)
  • For Every Camera In-Line - Take the VISCA OUT Of the previous Camera and connect to the VISCA IN on the next camera.  If running own cables you only need to connect Pins 4 to 4 (Ground), and Pin 5 from Out (Tx) to Pin 3 of the In (Rx)
  • As above, the LAST CAMERA has Ground and Rx connected to the previous camera, and TX connected back to the MOXA Rx

Hope this makes sense.  For my install I was using existing infrastructure CAT cabling  so I made up some Custom Y cables to connect each camera to a single CAT connection and a really ugly 4 way connection in the network patch bay to all 4 CAT points.

Hello all, 

for everyone who is interested. It also works with a low budget RS422/RS485 to RS232 adapter. I bought it on eBay. Attached you find the wiring for two Cameras.

Best regards,

Thorsten Wagner

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