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Audio background noise

We successfully set-up a live stream church service and were able to control the camera on Studio 6 by vimeo and on to YouTube. Our problem is a background static coming over the network with the video. The camera is located about 100' away from our sound rack and network drop, so both the cat6 and audio line (shielded XLR and a XLR to 3.5mm patch cable) are running together to the camera where we use the line in jack to drop in the audio to the stream. At first I thought it might be interference picked up on the way so I disconnected the audio jack from the camera and we still have the same static. Then I ran a separate clean cat6 line away from all possible interference to the camera and I still have the same noise.   Do you have any suggestions?

Hi Jerry Cates,

So the audio input on the PTZOptics cameras is not the most ideal for production, more for monitoring, due to the noise floor it presents.

We often recommend, where possible, to run the audio feed directly to the production PC / Box using a USB Audio Converter if necessary.

If you need to run the setup this way though we recommend managing your audio gain structure in the following fashion...

The input signal, to the camera, should be as loud as possible without distortion.

Lower the cameras audio levels, via the Web Interface, to around -10.

Finally in the production software bring the gain level back up to the desired level.

I hope the above suggestions can get you to where you are hoping to be and if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to return.


Thank you for responding. I found noise cancelling in the production software and we were able to control the background noise by filtering it out that way as well as boosting the audio input. Moving forward I think we will end up using an Audio Converter in the future. We are new to live streaming and it does take time to learn the ropes. Thanks again for your help.

Hi Jerry,

Absolutely my pleasure... and you certainly have the right attitude towards production... great things come with time.

If we can be of any additional assistance as you're figuring things out please don't hesitate to come back and share or inquire.

P.S. I still learn new things about production every day... it's an amazing art :-)

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