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No Password for PTZ camera APP or Mobile PanTiltzoom Mobile app


    I was trying to use the PTZ camera control app and Mobile PTZ app and was surprised to find non requires any password to take over the camera by any one  connected in local network  and finds the camera IP where the camera is a part of.  Am I missing here something . We share the network with multiple users in the church environment think about some one finds this flaw  and take control of the camera during a live stream.  Why  we do not have any password protection. Is there a work around to avoid this from happening.


Hi Shenny,

What you're finding is actually standard practice, and not a flaw, for robotic production cameras.

If you were to require authentication for every movement the latency induced on control would be rather noticeable.

There is no "work-around" other than deploying a properly configured network to ensure the security of your devices.

The most common solution people recommend is operating a secondary network, or VLAN, for your A/V purposes to prevent un-authorized usage as well as being able to ensure a specific quality of service.

A lot of modern networking hardware and WAPs support operating more than a single network allowing you to achieve these goals with a single hardware setup for guests and non-guests, or A/V equipment.

If you have any additional questions please let us know and we'll do our best to assist you in securing your camera.

Thanks  Matthew we look into creating a Vlan to address this . Thanks

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