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Macbook software

I have just connected my new Webcam80 to my macbook, so far so good. 

However, I am unable to download "PTZOptics Webcam OSD" software so that I can actually use the camera as intended on the PTZOptics own advertising blurb.

Apparently the Mac version is "temporarily unavailable..... "

Is there a timescale for this to be rectified or any other info as I now have a $90 piece of plastic that I cant use properly :-( 

I am a little frustrated and annoyed at my first exposure to PTZ Optics.

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Using MAC OS Monterey, v12.1. OSD software has no effect on camera (was working before upgrading to Monterey). Looks like you now have MAC version of webcam software. Downloaded and it gives a "Get device info failed" message. Doesn't look like you have OSD software anymore? 

I know Monterey broke all the MAC UVC control we had, so no USB control works on Monterey as of yet. It is something we are looking into. 

Thank you.

Hello!  Is there a timeline for updated software for Monterey+?  Thank you!

Still no update for a Monterey control app, it is being worked on but I do not have a a timeline to share at this time. 

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