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Recording stream like a security camera

I am setting up three PTZ cameras for live streaming a church service.  I'm a broadcast person, so I know the 3G-SDI, live, and switching side of this.  But I also know that the cameras are able to stream out through the ethernet connection. 

Does anyone know of a way, or better yet, a device, that can record the streams from the cameras, all the time?  I am thinking of these as potentially being security cameras constantly recorded when not in use for the main live streaming event.  It would be great to make dual use of these as security cameras when not in their primary use.  But decent continuous recording is key.  Any ideas?

Hi Scott,

We have had a number of end users recommend the Blue Iris NVR Software Solution. 

It's built for security purposes and will hopefully serve your needs as well as other customers have suggested.

If you have any additional questions, ideas or concerns please don't hesitate to return to the forums.

thanks.  i will give that a look.

Looks like what i am looking for on their website, and the price is right.  Thanks.  

Hi Scott,

Very glad we could be of help with a reasonably priced solution :-)

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