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VISCA Over IP Response

I am trying to build a simple Python script to control my camera(s) via VISCA over IP. I have the control commands working (save/load presets, p/t/z, etc), but am having trouble getting a response from inquiry commands. I am listening for UDP packets, can someone help me figure out how to listen for a VISCA response with python?

Hi Eric,

When setting up your UDP Server Socket for listening are you listening on the same port that the command was sent out on?

Yes, port 52381 I believe. I’ve also tried a few others, just for fun but haven’t had any luck.

Hi Eric,

So with each connection the port can change, just making sure you're monitoring the outgoing port used and then listening back on that same UDP port?

I'll also throw out there the possibility of utilizing TCP in Python as it was built with the ability to handle the responses in an easier fashion.

Happy to continue to assist as I do love when people are building their own solutions to accompanying the PTZOptics cameras :-)

I am trying to find a solution to script visca over ip within vMix. If you can pint my anywhere that would help would greatly appreciate it. I have http/cgi commands working but they don’t give me the control I need with my ptzoptics cameras. I need visca commands within a vMix script.

Hi Brent,

Apologies for the delay in response but it took us a while to find what we believe is the solution to your vMix inquiry.

In the following vMix forum post you will see someone inquiring about the same concept and with some back and forth they are able to achieve TCP control using vMix Scripting.

We hope this information is helpful, even if delayed, towards achieving your desired production.

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