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Audio background noise

We successfully set-up a live stream church service and were able to control the camera on Studio 6 by vimeo and on to YouTube. Our problem is a background static coming over the network with the video. The camera is located about 100' away from our sound rack and network drop, so both the cat6 and audio line (shielded XLR and a XLR to 3.5mm patch cable) are running together to the camera where we use the line in jack to drop in the audio to the stream. At first I thought it might be interference picked up on the way so I disconnected the audio jack from the camera and we still have the same static. Then I ran a separate clean cat6 line away from all possible interference to the camera and I still have the same noise.   Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi Grant,

I posted an update in this thread previously but the latest firmware for the 30X models does include the "noise floor fix".

It looks like it is not explicitly listed under the Changelog for the 30X but it was part of recent updates.

The latest version for the 30X models as of 1/6/22 is v6.3.20. 

You can download the latest firmware for the cameras from the Firmware Files page.

So just to double check the lastest upgrade for the NDI-HX does NOT include the “noise” issue?

The latest upgrade should fix the audio noise floor issue for any of the 12x, 20x, or 30x NDI models. 

Ok couple of things on noise on the audio from camera… 

1. Are you running a balanced or unbalanced cable

2.Are the extension cables matching balance or unbalanced 

3. How long is your audio snake.. if it’s over 25 feet..It IS balanced cable

4. If you are using unbalanced cables, What a lot of folks do is add a DI (also called a direct box)…

 between the mixer and audio source. What this does is to make a unbalanced line a balanced will not make a balanced line into a unbalanced line… unless you know what type of cables you have, it’s like a dog chasing it’s tail..

Goto the internet and lookup balanced an unbalanced 3.5mm male cable..

Then look up audio snake cables

Then look up a balanced an unbalanced xlr an 1/8” cables…

I HATE NOSY AUDIO…so I trained myself..

the above also applies your aux out… this is the signal output of the mixer going to 3.5mm camera  INPUT signal.

I still have a lot to learn..but please solve your balanced and unbalanced cables and signals.

Good luck


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