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Audio background noise

We successfully set-up a live stream church service and were able to control the camera on Studio 6 by vimeo and on to YouTube. Our problem is a background static coming over the network with the video. The camera is located about 100' away from our sound rack and network drop, so both the cat6 and audio line (shielded XLR and a XLR to 3.5mm patch cable) are running together to the camera where we use the line in jack to drop in the audio to the stream. At first I thought it might be interference picked up on the way so I disconnected the audio jack from the camera and we still have the same static. Then I ran a separate clean cat6 line away from all possible interference to the camera and I still have the same noise.   Do you have any suggestions?

Is there beta firmware available for the 30x NDI? I'd love to be a beta tester!

Not yet but we should have the new 30x firmware soon that should address the audio noise floor issue. 

Just to let people who were waiting for the noise floor fix on the 30X models, a new version of the 30X firmware was released this week.

It can be downloaded from the Firmware Finder

So at this point the firmware update with the noise floor fix is available for the 12X, 20X, and 30X, SDI and NDI models.

That's great news, Colin!  We ordered the 30x SDI on Sunday based on Andrew's message 6 days ago.  We'll definitely be beta testing the fix soon after the new camera arrives and will report back...

Great to hear about the SDI and NDI update.  Any update on the timeline for the USB models?  

So, we had our first big show on the weekend going direct to YouTube live from the camera.  And I'm happy to report that it was a complete success and the audio s/n quite decent - though I never was able to compare it to what it was before the firmware upgrade so can't comment on the difference.  In our case, leaving the "Input Vol" at 0 for both left and right seemed to work best overall.

Thanks so much for the fix. :)

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