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ATEM Mini Pro

Hi there, I would like to buy a PTZOptics PT20X-USB-GY-G2 and connect it to the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro via HDMI connection. 1) is the above ptz camera fully compatible with ATEM Mini Pro 2) would I need the aid of an IP joystick unit to control the ptz camera or is this alternatively possible via software (please specify) Many thanks

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Hello Francesco Mauro,

You should be able to use the 20X USB model with that switcher through the HDMI output. 

Control with Blackmagic products is not something we have gotten to work reliably. We have heard from some customers who have gotten control working with serial converters. There is forum post here, where someone describes what they had to do to get control working through a Blackmagic interface.

If you connect your camera to your network you would be able to control the camera with our free Camera Control App. Or you could use our IP joystick, the PT JOY G3.

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