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Possible to control a RGB PTZ camera


New on IP camera streaming, trying to get an IP camera stream for my church.

I have not succeeded yet to get the PTZ Optic OBS Dock to control my camera. I just would like to know if it even would be possible? 

My Camera is a network camera with fixed IP, is a "RGB-20X-PTC-WH", which I connect through the RGBLink Mini+ to my computer.

If Yes, please help me out with settings I should set in my camera config

If No, I can save time and stop trying =(

Our control software is meant to work with our cameras, so if that camera uses VISCA over IP using TCP port 5678 then it should work, otherwise, it would most likely not work. 

I want to control the focus and zoom function of two  PT12x zcam-G cameras via TCP/IP. 

The system will use a standard unmanaged switch controlled via  the PTZ builtin internal ip server and a RGBlink mini pro as client. 

All data cabling will be cat5 as the distances involved are small (15m). 

The video output is 3g-SDI and i want to use Blackmagic SDI to HDMI convertor to provide the HDMI Required by the HDMI mini pro.

Has anyone actually tried to do this integration and what success have they had? 

Sure this should be possible with the cameras. Using the free control software would do this exact thing. Or you can make up your own control method using the VISCA over IP commands.

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