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Light Up Camera selection - PTZ SuperJoy

With the PTZ SuperJoy, when you click one of the 6 camera select buttons, I would suggest that the camera selected light up. Showing what camera is selected a bit better than what we have now.

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Totally agree on this request.  PLEASE, light up the CAM# key that is currently active.  There are several things happening at the same time during a live-stream production and once in awhile we (or I, anyhow) are too busy to glance at the very small Superjoy LCD screen to see what "Channel" (y'all could at least rename that to "Camera") is currently active.

SURPRISE!!!  After updating the firmware for the PTZ Superjoy today (V2.0.6-211022) I see the button of the active camera now lights up!  Thanks, PTZ software engineers/programmers.  This added perk makes it easy to glance quickly at the control panel to see what camera is "hot" and receptive to commands or joystick moves.


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