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Remote Control of IP Joystick G4 state (e.g. from a Stream Deck)

It may seem backwards, but I would like to change the state of the IP Joystick G4 from a Stream Deck. Are there IP commands that can be sent to the Joystick to change it's state?

My use model is that I have a Stream Deck, using BitFocus Companion software. On the Deck I have 3 pages, each of which has the presets for a different camera. The cameras are named Left, Center, and Right. Each of these pages also has 3 buttons indicating the Camera name, and there is a button that will cause the selected preset to transition to the "Program" in either vMix or OBS. When you select a camera page, it puts that camera in Preview.

So, the process of  changing shots is:

  • Select camera (this changes the Stream Deck page, but since all the pages look so much alike, most users don't realize that is what is happening)
  • Select Preset into Preview using Stream Deck key
  • Tune on the Joystick, if necessary
  • Fade to Program using any of mouse, stream deck, space bar

The number one mistake used by operators of the system is that after selecting the camera/preset page on the Stream Deck. They reach for the Joystick to tune the shot and forget to also select the proper camera on the Joystick before adjusting, usually leading to adjusting the current Program feed because they adjusted it before transitioning it last time.

If the same button that selects the camera and page on the Stream Deck could remotely press the appropriate Camera Select button on the Joystick then they could easily be kept in sync.

I've attached a screen shot of an example page here. Using the Feedback feature of Companion, you can tell at a glance by looking at the camera buttons at the bottom, that "Camera Center" is red, therefore in Program and live. "Camera Left" is the current page (from the page title), and in Preview (because everything is green).

Thanks for considering this . The device can obviously send outbound requests over IP. Does it have an embedded inbound port as well?

I do not believe we have this capability with the PT JOY G4, but the Superjoy should be working for this. That joystick has the Custom buttons that (with the newest firmware) allow you to send out commands to other places if needed, including the Stream deck. 

Thanks for the response. It is as expected.

That's essentially backwards from what I would really want. I want the operator to only have to push the button on the Stream Deck and have it send the "same" camera selection to the joystick so they stay in sync. The operator will be doing lots of other buttons on the stream deck for vMix/OBS control, graphics, audio, etc.

I own a SuperJoy and would like to see it have the ability to recieve commands to externally control it. It would be very helpful for integrating into existing systems! Thanks

Hi Mitchell,

The PT-SuperJoy-G1 can receive commands from external devices.

You may just need to update the firmware on your controller. The latest firmware for the SuperJoy can be found here.

And the list of commands that the SuperJoys can receive is posted on our Developer Portal

You Rock! On behalf of all our volunteers, Thanks!

Can the G4 receive similar commands. This is exactly what was looking for originally.

Hello James,

The PT-JOY-G4 can not send custom commands or receive them from other devices like the SuperJoy can.

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