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SuperJoy - PTZ X30 delays in motion?

Set-up is comprised of a Trend PoE switch, a SuperJoy, a 30X NDI/HX Cam, PC with I9 CPU & 32Gb RAM, Cat6 internet connection. Speed Test shows 170Mbps download, 16Mbps upload. Venue is a church.

Problem is extreme delays(15+sec) in camera movement. Stuttery zooms, pans and focus. I have tried changing Resolution, FPS but no improvement. Any use of SuperJoy controls seems to be buffered and queued, executing only after big delays.

I noticed there is a lot of activity on the switch between the PC and SuperJoy, even when nothing is happening?

Any ideas?

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This sounds like improper setup in the managed switch itself. NDI does not like to managed in multiple locations so if you have the router hooked up to this system I would turn all management of the switch off, or get another POE switch that is unmanaged.  Also, make sure there are no 10/100 ports being and only 1 GB or greater. 

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