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Good Morning on Presidents Day.

I am looking for an experienced tech on setup for PTZ 20 SDI model camera.  I am willing to pay for help to get this going.

I bought the camera to Livestream from our church, but we don't have staff or members with enough expertise to get it going.

I am the closest thing to a technician we have.   

Today, I have the camera set up at my home with my windows desktop and Xfinity gateway router that is a Cisco 105+.  I have the software loaded and can communicate with the camera. I have picture on the preview window of the software. the PTZ functions are working. 

However, I have no idea how to live stream, or capture and save the video. 

I would be happy to know how to operate the camera direct from my Macbook Pro via the ethernet port on my laptop to ethernet port on the camera and save the video on my laptop.  I can save learning to live stream until later.

Hi Dick Sampson,

It sounds like you have the "hard part" already done, which is getting the cameras working on a network and getting a live feed into your software.

In case you need it for future setups we do maintain some video(s) and articles on a proper network for supporting streaming audio and video content

TP-Link Network Information & TP-Link Setup Video

Ubiquiti Network Information

While these guides pertain to TP-Link and Ubiquiti the concepts within are the same for any network and the terminology used should guide one to similar options on their own network equipment.

PTZOptics maintains a large learning database of videos to help someone such as yourself get up and running as quickly as possible. 


vMix -

Wirecast -

If you are searching for more technical aspects of creating content with any of these platforms there is a wealth of information available on topics such as "lower thirds", "stingers" and more for each of the platforms mentioned above often from the software manufacturer or from avid fans of each platform.

OBS Overlays - An Example

vMix lower thirds & overlays - An Example


Any questions beyond the details provided above would need to be directed at either PTZOptics or the branded software manufacturers support team.

If you have some bullet point goals listed of what you would like to achieve it will help the forum or any support team to assist you in getting up and running in a timely fashion.

For PTZOptics support please submit a ticket at for further assistance.

tried to use IP streaming with OBS this sunday for our churches AM service.

the latency is just too big - we are taking audio from the mixing board - and had the audio latency set on saturday that seemed to fix the issue - but it is not consistant - seems like when doing the IP streaming we can not use the NEW PTZOPTICS Mac app tool - freezes the display - close the PTZOPTICS Mac app - camera stream returns.

didn't want to have to buy another interface for computer or run another cable but I guess will have to.  just using 720 p should I go with HDMI / USB / SDI   - the cable run is about 80 feet and runs through the attic.

getting power on the camera side will be an issue if it turns out we need power right now its POE


Hello everyone!

I'm just giving the first steps into this video-ndi-ptz-recording-etc world.

We purchased ndi-ptz cameras and the ptz jog controller. We already had the livestream studio solution.

My doubt is:

May I connect the controller to the switch were the cameras go, and have control over the cameras, even though they are ndi connected to the livestream studio?

thank you all!

Hi Nilton,

Yes, you can wire the controller to the same switch the cameras are connected through.

You will still be able to control them over the network even if you are using the network connection for the camera's video feed. 

I have read the instruction book several times and downloaded the software on a MacBook Pro, Dell Laptop and a Lenovo Chromebook and I get to the same place and cannot move forward.  I must be missing something in the instructions.  When I hit search, no camera shows up.  I have used the camera for service streaming for months, but I have to sit next to it using a HD video capture USB adapter.  Thus I can only manipulate the camera via the remote.  

Hello Gary Gray,

How do you have the camera wired to your network?

The upgrade tool can be a bit finicky but you do need to make sure you are searching under the correct interface. There is an interface drop down next to the search button in the Upgrade tool that will let you choose what network you want to search for the camera on. Depending on your network setup you may be able to put the camera into DHCP mode and give it an address that way. I will link instructions for that process below.

If you are still having trouble getting the camera addressed on your network you can give us a call and we should be able to help get it set up.

The support number is 484-593-2584.

Support is available from 8 AM to 6 PM ET, Monday through Friday. 

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