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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of the HDMI output when getting started with the PTZOptics cameras.

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If you are trying to get audio via your HDMI output make sure that the Setting in the OSD has HDMI selected instead of DVI to ensure audio will travel properly.

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Does this setting get taken care of automagically if I set the dial appropriately? (currently set to 6)

Thanks for this super user tip!

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Hi David,

Unfortunately it does not set automatically based on the DIAL position.

If you have any other questions about your PTZOptics equipment please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

I plan to use a HDMI connect since I am less than 30 feet from the camera location.  I plan to feed sound directly to the camera from a Berringher 32 channel sound mixer via a 3.5mm cable so that the sound and the camera will be provided at the same time.

The plan then would be to run the camera feed to your program and OSB at the present time.  The final product will be sent via ethernet from the PC dedicated to this system.

I'm I heading down the right road?  We plan to order the camera and ip controller in the next week and I am trying to get a jump on the installation and setup so that I can get up and running in a short manner.

Hi Scott,

It sounds like you are on the right path. 

One thing to note, if you plan on using the HDMI feed from the camera you will need to bring it into the PC using a video capture device. Something like this USB Capture device from Magewell would work well. 

And I assume you are referring to our free camera control app as the other program in addition to OBS. That program can't see the HDMI feed, it controls the cameras over the network and uses the network video feed for its preview. It sounds like you plan on having the cameras on the network anyway if you are getting the IP Controller (PT-JOY-G3).

If I do add such a device, should I send the sound mixer feed through the camera 3.5mm input or run it directly to the capture card?  I want to try and keep the sound and the video as sync as possible.

The card I linked does not have an audio input but there are some out there that do have them. So you could potentially run the audio through the capture device or you could run it directly to the PC if you don't want to wire it to the camera. I would recommend going with whatever method is the easiest to wire. So if the camera is going to be mounted out of the way, it may be cleaner to run audio directly to the PC. 

If you are using the HDMI feed of the camera, it should not have a lot of latency (around 130 ms). So that should not cause video/audio sync issues. If they are off slightly, OBS has the ability to add a delay to the audio signal in order to get everything matched up.

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