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USB 3.0

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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of the USB 3.0 output when getting started with the PTZOptics cameras.

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We just got a PTZ20X-USB and everything was fine when we tested with the short USB cable included. We needed some distance between the computer and the camera and added a 5 m active USB 3.0 cable through a USB hub and get no signal. vMix says the camera is offline. Does anyone have some advice?

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Hi Jonathan,

USB extension can be tricky to get working with USB 3.0 video. It is usually a good idea to connect the camera directly to the computer before using the extender so that the drivers for the camera will load, it sounds like you have already done that. 

When using extenders and hubs you can also run into issues with windows limiting power to USB devices. We have a guide on some settings to adjust to prevent windows from limiting power over USB. 

You also mentioned using a Hub in addition to the extender, if possible I would try the extender directly connected to a USB port on the PC.

If it still does not work over the extender and it is still working with a direct connection it could be an issue with the extender itself. We do have some models we recommend which have worked well with the cameras in the past. 

First would be USB 3.0 active repeater cables from Siig.

And the other would be an over Cat solution, the Icron Raven.

It looks like USB for Mac is not yet available yet.  Any idea when it will become available?

Hi Jim,

The cameras, PTxx-USB-xx-G2, are compatible with the Mac OS and most applications.

Is there a specific PTZOptics application you're curious about having supported for Macs?

We look forward to helping you get the answer to your question about support for Macs.

Hi there.  I have two USB cameras. I have been using them in a temporary location and now I plan on mounting them.  The computer will be 60 feet from where the camera will be mounted.  What is the best way to get the video feed back to my computer?  Ethernet?  HDMI over Etherenet?  USB extender?  In retrospect i probably should have purchased the NDI cameras, but I didn't.  :)  Thanks for the help in advance.

Hello Matt Jennings,

The USB models do have the network video output that you could use. They would be using RTSP which would have more latency than NDI. 

And you could purchase an NDI license to use with your camera. Using the network feed may limit the amount of additional wiring you need to run.

USB extension can be a tricky to get working reliably. But that or running HDMI and bringing it into a Video capture device at the PC would work. 

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