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IP Control

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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of TCP / UDP control settings when getting started with the PTZOptics cameras.

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Ah, I get it, didn't see that. Thanks for pointing this out.

I have been using the PTZOptics module for Companion with a Stream Deck and the "pan and tilt speed" is currently possible to adjust separately. I realize now that it is using internal variables to "remember" the speeds to use when sending the VISCA commands and I could actually add the same functionality for zoom speed if I want as Companion and the modules are open source.

Companion can be found here:

The source code for the PTZOptics module for Companion can be found here:

The camera uses VISCA commands, so the speed is set in each command. So there isn't a place on the camera to set a PTZ speed, you define it when sending a PTZ command. The command list is linked below.

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Is there an IP command for setting the zoom speed?

Great, thanks for that information.

Now I can update the preset functionality in the Bitfocus Companion PTZOptics module for Stream Deck according to this information.

Hi Thomas,

Yes, the camera is capable of storing up to 255 presets with a handful of exceptions.

Please see the Knowledge Base entry below that details the "special" presets that exist as well as detailing what presets are available via which protocol(s).

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

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Yes, I saw that IP commands document, good to know.

Another question, in the user manual it says:


and for the save preset IP command both the user manual and the separate IP command document says:


I guess that "pp" can be anything from 0 to 255, giving 256 presets, right?

Hello Tomas,

Yes, we do have a separate document that lists the VISCA over IP commands for the cameras. (I linked it in my last response)

That document is updated and can also be found on the downloads page.

Ah, ok, there is a separate document listing IP commands. :-)

In the latest user manual I have found, that command is missing:


Hi Tomas,

There is a VISCA over IP command that will query the Color Temperature of the camera.

The command is CAM_ColorTempInq: 81 09 04 20 FF

And here is a link to the full VISCA over IP command sheet.

I am missing a way to query the set Color Temperature of the camera over IP when the camera WB is set to "ColorTemperature Mode".
Will there be a future update to the firmware to support this?

Hi Meldryn Mawr,

Unfortunately this solution was designed by PTZOptics for their customers to use with the PTZOptics cameras and was not built to support other manufacturers.

There are some other brands that operate in a similar fashion and thus can be used with our control solutions but be aware that PTZOptics is unable to provide support in such instances.

One could compare the Lumens API against the PTZOptics API and communication specifications to determine what level of compatibility exists or... the free application(s) and trial on your camera to see what level of functionality exists for the Lumens products.

I hope this information helps guide you research towards a possible control solution.

I'm not happy with the out of the box web interface/controls for my Lumens VC-A50P PTZ camera.  I'm looking to leverage the PTZOptics camera controller as a better method to manage our camera setup (zoom/pan controls).  I'm able to manage the camera through an HTTP interface and Lumens provides integration with other free software (Ladybug) so there should be an API, but am unsure how to point the PTZOptics software to my camera for it to be managed remotely.   Is this something that is supported?  Thanks!

Hello Lisa,

Have you addressed the camera on your network and are able to access its web interface from that computer? 

If so, you should be able to add its IP address in the Multi Camera settings window of the app and then have PTZ control. You do not need a USB connection to control the camera with that application. 

Hi, we just finished installing a PTZ30 SDI. We installed the free PTZOptics Camera Control software on a windows 10 machine. Both are connected to the network. Please confirm that as long as we have the camera IP address set in the app, that we will be able to control camera motion (pan tilt and zoom) from the app and we don't need a separate USB cable installed from PC to camera. Thanks for the help.
Hi there, thanks forgetting back to me! I was actually able to convert the existing serial module into a ViSCA over IP module on the newest version of firmware for the PTZ camera. Thanks so much for the response.
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