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Hi Donna, which camera model did you have? If this is the 20x SDI you should be able to zoom in using the remote, the WEB Gui, or the control software. If you need help getting the camera working please reach out to

How can I zoom in to take out part of the cluttered background behind me? Also, I read that I can have it vertical or horizontal.  

Hi Cliff,

Very sorry to hear that the camera came to you that way.

This is a pretty simple fix and you have a few ways to execute the change...

IR Remote Shortcut Option

* # 1

This should default the language to English

Web Interface or IR Remote OSD Walk through (PT20X-SDI-XX-G2)

Open the OSD

Move the arrow [DOWN] 5 times 

(This would be item number 6 in the list)

Click [HOME] or [ENTER]

Press [RIGHT] *this may need to be repeated up-to six (6) times depending on your firmware version

When you reach the desired language exit the OSD

If you continue to have any issues or additional questions arise please don't hesitate to come back.

I have a PTZOptics 20X. I accessed the menu, but when it comes up it's in Korean or Chinese (I don't read either). How do I change it to English?

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