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RTSP Streaming

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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of RTSP Streaming Settings when getting started with the PTZOptics cameras.

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There is a guide available on recommended settings for PTZOptics cameras, with explanations as to why, for RTSP, RTMP and NDI.


RTSP stream from IP camera delay in input in preview, what is the solution sir? i alr tried many times but still delayed in preview, and i used OBS for the application.

Hi Jun Andra,

It is normal to see latency with the RTSP stream from the cameras. And the amount of latency you see from RTSP can vary based on your specific network. There are some things to try for lowering that latency a bit.

You would want to make sure the network equipment you are using is capable of gigabit speeds and not limited to 10/100 Mbps.

Lowering the resolution/framerate the camera is outputting can also help with the latency as well.

And I would recommend using the guide posted above when adjusting the video settings of the camera.

running into some strange latency issues. have two 30x cameras on IP, using vlc to grab stream, and obs to send out to YT. been using our setup for about 6 months with no issues. suddenly ran into problems after a recent VLC update, so reinstalled previous version of VLC. able to connect to rtsp streams no problem but there is now a 30 second delay. the ptz camera controller works immediately and camera responds immediately, but the video lags by 30 seconds. tried several options with no success. our network infrastructure hasn't changed and as I stated previously, have been running this setup for months with no problems. any help or insight is greatly appreciated!

Hi Ben,

This is definitely an odd sounding one but I'll do my best to see if we can get to the bottom of it.

So I will be asking a few questions about your setup as I have been unable to replicate this situation with my simple setup.

What operating system are you using? 

Have there been any OS updates recently?

If you are able to watch a resource monitor (CPU, GPU, Mem, HDD, Network, etc...) do you notice anything consuming a LOT of resources while trying to pull the stream?

Have you tested this setup using stream 2 to see if the latency is the same? (rtsp://<cameras ip>:554/2)

Have you attempted a firmware update to see if it is able to resolve the issue? PTZOptics Firmware Finder 

Any details you can provide on the network setup and configurations may also provide some insights we can use to get to the bottom of this latency.

I look forward to hearing back from you in hopes of getting to the bottom of this odd issue and otherwise hope this message finds you having an excellent day.

Thanks for the reply- Windows 10, no major updates recently that I can remember. I will check the resource monitor next time we test (didn't think of this) as well as the stream 2. Will also check the firmware, I don't think we've updated this since we got the cameras about a year ago so might be helpful. Will update after taking these steps! 

Update: Looked at resource monitor- nothing abnormal while pulling streams

Tried stream 2- still had latency (also the resolution seemed decreased greatly when displaying in OBS?)

Also performed the Firmware update and tried the above steps again with the same result - delay seems to have actually increased slightly to closer to 40 seconds now

Hi Ben,

Admittedly that's not what I expected to hear...

Would it be possible for you to test hard wiring a camera to a NIC on the PC?

This would require the use of the cameras power supply.

This will also require a static IP to be set on the camera and the on the PCs NIC that are in the same range

Example: Camera ( and PC (

If it is possible to test in this way we can narrow our search down to the PC or the network and how it is interacting with the camera.

We look forward to getting to the bottom of this oddity.

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