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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of the SDI output when getting started with the PTZOptics cameras.

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Currently the PTZOptics cameras only supply FULL FRAME rates via any output... including the SDI.

Currently audio DOES NOT embed via the SDI output.

This features is only available via the IP, USB and HDMI outputs

Note that you must change the Setting in the cameras OSD from DVI to HDMI for audio to travel via that output if it is not currently doing so.

There is no method of control available via the SDI connection.

Looking to purchase a PTZ Optics camera for our church. Like the remote functions. I will need to route cabling over a 40 to 50 foot span to a room off of our sanctuary. We will be doing an external mix of the audio using a Behringer X-32 Compact digital mixer. How should I route audio for live streaming? the camera model is the PT20X-SDI-WH-G2 (White).


Hi Doug,

This all depends if you are going to be pulling the camera feed into a computer and streaming out from there using a program such as Vmix or OBS, or are you planning on streaming directly form the camera?

If you stream directly from the camera to a Youtube of Facebook live, you would need to sum the audio down to a 3.5mm connection and bring it in to the line in on the back of the camera to be embedded in the network feed. This would have to be a live level signal, so most of the outputs of your board should work. 

If you want to bring the audio back to you computer and use one of those programs to put everything together, you could sum it down to bring it in via the 3.5mm connection on the computer, or use a basic Audio interface to bring the audio into the computer. It does look like your Behringer has a USB connection to the computer, but I am unsure of if you can bring that in as a source in a Video program such as Vmix or OBS just because I have not had the chance to test with that board myself. 

If you want to talk any of this out please feel free to give us a call, 610 518 2200. 

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