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the plugin is not working for me  (Doesn't load)- so I started looking at what I could find inside the .so file there are files to be included that are not on my MAC

is this the problem and if so where do I get the files






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Thank you for keeping me updated.

One additional question not related to the problem. Is your camera control software propriety? Will the camera control software control other cameras using IP control?

Hi Ron,

So while not a true term I will use semi-proprietary when discussing our IP control solutions.

So we do our best to adhere to the basic VISCA command sets wherever possible but occasionally need to introduce commands that are not part of the standard VISCA library.

These commands would definitely be considered proprietary as they are often 100% unique to our cameras, at the very least as far as the execution of the command would be concerned.

Taking a step back most of our basic control commands such as pan, tilt, zoom and presets should be mostly universal.

If you are wanting to verify a devices ability to be supported by our control solutions I would recommend cross referencing the other manufacturers VISCA over IP commands against the ones we utilize.

As an example if a Panasonic camera had the same preset command as we use the preset solution should work.

You can reference the PTZOptics VISCA over IP commands from the following document: PTZOptics VISCA over IP Documentation

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to return to the forums.

Thank you for the clarification

I am using a PTZOptics 20 camera 

I programmed a raspberry pi with a touch screen to switch the camera to preset locations

still didn't work these 2 are still missing



any word on new version yet

still didn't work these 2 are still missing



any idea when a new version will be available

Hi Gary,

It looks like this may be an incompatibility with the latest OBS and the platform it was created on using new aliases that our software solution utilized in other ways.

I have reached out to our programmer to see if he can help us isolate the issue with our build and bring it up to speed with the modern aliases utilized by the Mac OBS solution.

Thank you very much for bringing this issue to our attention and hopefully we can resolve the issue ASAP.

Hi Matthew, Thanks for getting this updated! The link above in your last post  works well.

PTZOptics Mac Webcam OSD Tool -  Download Link 

Can you update the link on the Resources page to that link.

Also note that the version number under 'about' still reflects Verion 1.0 (1). 

I'm a happy camper.


I'm having issues installing the PTZOptics OBS Plugin for Mac as well... I followed the download and install instructions but the file destinations that it is telling me to put them in seem to be different than what is available in the current version of OBS.

Mac OS 10.15.4

OBS 25.0.8

Any help with this would be extremely helpful!

Hi Everyone,

We have updated the application on the site for the Mac OS users.

We are also currently testing the application under the latest Mac OS release, from just a day ago, to see if any issues arise.

Hi Gary,

The file you have mentioned is available as part of the FFMPEG library, usually also included when you install VLC.

You can download the FFMPEG files from the following link: that should resolve the error.

I hope this is helpful and if you have any other questions please let us know.

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