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IP Control

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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of TCP / UDP control settings when getting started with the PTZOptics cameras.

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Hello Stephan,

The speed the cameras will pan, tilt, and zoom at are set within the OSD menu of the camera.

Open the OSD menu and look under the P/T/Z Sub menu.

Call Preset Speed will set the pan and tilt speed the camera will move at when presets are called.

Pre Zoom Speed will set the zoom speed the camera will move at when presets are called.

Great, thanks for that information.

Now I can update the preset functionality in the Bitfocus Companion PTZOptics module for Stream Deck according to this information.

I am new to all of this, and even though i have experience with all sorts of technology and software, OBS has stymied me over and over already.  Here is the basic set up:

Our church started posting videos I made of masses on YouTube so our parishioners could attend services during the shelter in place several weekends ago. I have been using two GoPros and Mac iMovie to make some very nice videos of masses.  Easy to do since we didn't have anyone in the pews. ( We decided to put in a permanent set up to live stream masses to local nursing homes and shut ins even after the SIP (the Pastor wants me to try to match the look and feel of the GoPro movies....).

We bought the PTZoptics PTZ 30x SDI 2G camera and are mounting it just above the doors in the back of the church (about 225' from the altar). I've now built the network into the 1929 church that will allow us to stream at least 1080p 60fps (we are getting about 25 Mbps in the back of the church now). We intend to use OBS as our production and encoding software, and i have slowly come to terms with setting up scenes and sources (question on sources later).

With a one camera set up, we want to have the camera move to the preset of the next scene when the transition happens -preferably we transition to black and fade in on the new camera position. The alternative is having a transition where we have a photo of the whole altar space that we fade to, and then fade to the new camera position (still trying to figure out how to do that in OBS - will ask the nice people on Discord for that one).

My question for this forum is can i use IP commands in the Transition or Scene/Source areas in OBS that will tell the camera to move to a preset? Or do i need to have a video tech sitting in the church pressing buttons and working with OBS? I'd like to create a new source of the camera for each scene, and have an IP command for moving the camera sent along with the RTSP address....Possible? Is there a set of codes we can send to the camera via IP from within OBS? I've seen  plugin where we can "move" where the camera's feed appears on the screen, but i need to move the actual camera.

Bonus question: I have a Line In feed going into the camera from our sound system. It is unbalanced mono and when i listen to the HDMI output from the camera it sounds awesome. crisp and clear. i created a source for the camera in OBS. how do i make an audio source? I tried to create a PTZ audio source and it sounded like space aliens talking. how do it get the sound from the rtsp feed?

and i thought adding a heavy duty wifi subnet with a a Powerline ethernet backbone into a 91 year old building would be the hard part!

Cheers, and thank you for all the answers I've already gotten from these fora.


Hi Michael,

So I think I can assist you with you desire to automate preset recall based on a scene switch.

The PTZOptics cameras features two (2) forms of IP control... PTZOptics VISCA over IP and HTTP-CGI.

While the VISCA over IP is not compatible in this method the HTTP-CGI commands can be used in the fashion described.

PTZOptics HTTP-CGI Command List

For a preset recall we have the following HTTP-CGI command available

http://[camera ip]/cgi-bin/ptzctrl.cgi?ptzcmd&poscall&[position number] 

Here we replace the [camera ip] with the cameras current IP address and [position number] with the desired preset to recall.

As an example for a camera at the default IP address where we wish to recall preset 2 would look as follows

We've now explored the command(s) we'll be using in OBS to automate more of the production and can begin seeing how to implement these into the scenes.

Open OBS and create two (2) scenes each with your live video as a source.

In Scene 1 add a "Browser" source and configure the source as shown below using the command explored above to "call" a preset

Other than adding our command to the URL section the only other change is to click "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" as shown below

Now in scene 2 repeat these same steps using a different [position number]  so that we can create movement.

If needed you can always send the browser source layer to the back so it is covered by other content

Now as you make each of these scenes live they will recall the designated preset position.

I hope this has been helpful and if you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to come back to the forums.

This is incredibly helpful. I appreciate the quick response. Thank you.

With respect to Camera control within OBS, i have the PTZ plug in loaded and working, except it won't move left after. a few moves. it just ignores the left side directional buttons. Seen this before?

Also, probably for a different forum thread, but is there a more precise and automatic way to correct for audio/video latency? My audio is off by some amount, and i am just putting in ms values in the advanced audio properties screen by guessing.

Thanks Andrew,

Yes, I missed that speed option in the variable zoom commands. As mentioned I've been focussed on the Direct command which is also missing the speed option.

Is this a limitation of the VISCA command set or is it PTZOptics's implementation?


That looks to be how the direct vs relative PTZ commands work using VISCA. 

I'm not happy with the out of the box web interface/controls for my Lumens VC-A50P PTZ camera.  I'm looking to leverage the PTZOptics camera controller as a better method to manage our camera setup (zoom/pan controls).  I'm able to manage the camera through an HTTP interface and Lumens provides integration with other free software (Ladybug) so there should be an API, but am unsure how to point the PTZOptics software to my camera for it to be managed remotely.   Is this something that is supported?  Thanks!

Hi Meldryn Mawr,

Unfortunately this solution was designed by PTZOptics for their customers to use with the PTZOptics cameras and was not built to support other manufacturers.

There are some other brands that operate in a similar fashion and thus can be used with our control solutions but be aware that PTZOptics is unable to provide support in such instances.

One could compare the Lumens API against the PTZOptics API and communication specifications to determine what level of compatibility exists or... the free application(s) and trial on your camera to see what level of functionality exists for the Lumens products.

I hope this information helps guide you research towards a possible control solution.


what I would like to do is acquiring one single frame with a trigger from a Digital Input on the camera, and the fetch the image with a HTTP command or TCP command. How to do that? Cpuld you give me the complete lists of both HTTP and TCP commands?


The Developer Portal on the site should have both of those lists. The link is below.

Hi, we just finished installing a PTZ30 SDI. We installed the free PTZOptics Camera Control software on a windows 10 machine. Both are connected to the network. Please confirm that as long as we have the camera IP address set in the app, that we will be able to control camera motion (pan tilt and zoom) from the app and we don't need a separate USB cable installed from PC to camera. Thanks for the help.

Hello Lisa,

Have you addressed the camera on your network and are able to access its web interface from that computer? 

If so, you should be able to add its IP address in the Multi Camera settings window of the app and then have PTZ control. You do not need a USB connection to control the camera with that application. 

I am missing a way to query the set Color Temperature of the camera over IP when the camera WB is set to "ColorTemperature Mode".
Will there be a future update to the firmware to support this?

Hi Tomas,

There is a VISCA over IP command that will query the Color Temperature of the camera.

The command is CAM_ColorTempInq: 81 09 04 20 FF

And here is a link to the full VISCA over IP command sheet.

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