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Sound guy here with a video output feature question: does the RJ45 on the SDI model output video also?  If so, in what scenario do I need the NDI version?  What advantage would NDI get me if I am using a single cam running 1080/30p?  It's for Zoom or streaming, so lower bitrate isn't a big issue, as we'd probably be using NDI HX if we went the NDI route anyway.

Thanks in advance for any insight!



Hello Robert,

Yes, the SDI models can output video over the network.

The main advantage of using NDI is that NDI will have much lower latency than the RTSP feed the SDI models use. All of our cameras use NDI HX, we do not have a full NDI model. 

NDI would also make integrating the cameras with Zoom easier as well. Zoom can not bring in network video inputs. But you can use one of the free NDI Tools, NDI Webcam Input. Webcam Input will make the NDI feed of the camera show up as a virtual camera source on your computer, that virtual source will show up as an Input in Zoom. 

To Bring the network feed of the SDI models into Zoom you would need to use other software to convert the network feed into something Zoom can bring in as an input. Software like OBS (free) and vMix can both be used to create a virtual camera source. 

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