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PTZOptics 20X 3G-SDI (GEN 2) Mac setuo

I work for a church trying to setup this camera for live-streaming. I am trying to connect the video to a Mac via HDMI. The software used for live-streaming is Ecamm Live. I can't find anywhere where the camera is connected to the Mac. The camera is definitely connected but the Mac shows nothing, I don't know if this is a problem with the camera or what could be wrong. Please help. Thank you.

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Hi Dylan Knight,

It will be our pleasure to try and assist you.

What HDMI to USB , HDMI to PCIe or HDMI to Thunderbolt adapter are you using to bring the HDMI content into your Apple PC to be viewed within Ecamm Live?

Once I know how what hardware you are using and how you are making the connection I will be happy to assist with troubleshooting.

Hey Matthew. I wanted to piggyback off this already asked question since we just purchased pto optics for the church and also were using the hdmi to connect and also having the issue where ecamm live is not reading the camera. We are using an HDMI to Apple adapter to usb c. Please let me know what can be done differently. Oh and do we have to set the IP address to use the camera?
I have the same issue. We are using an hdmi to usb c adapter. Does this info help any?

Hi Adrian,

I do not believe that Apple has any HDMI capture products available.

I know Apple does make USB-C to HDMI output adapters but these are only used for sending video and not for receiving.

Here is an example of an HDMI capture product from a company called Magewell: 

There are a variety of other manufacturers that offer similar solutions however we know Magewell products to be 100% compatible with PTZOptics.

If you have any additional questions about capturing video from your PTZOptics camera, or other questions, please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

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