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My church's PowerPoint is display from a VGA port. Can this be integrated into the Producer System so we can switch between cameras and the PowerPoint?

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Hi Carl,

The PTZOptics Producer solution(s) feature a Windows 10 PC that is capable of supporting Microsoft PowerPoint, or similar applications.

PowerPoint would be able to run directly on the Producer PC and not require a secondary PC for ingestion into your production or for presentation purposes.

If you require the PowerPoint PC to be separated, and there are often great reasons for this, you have two (2) options I can think of...

On the Producer system you can simply add a USB Capture device that supports VGA, like the Magewell "USB Capture DVI Plus," and then connect the VGA output of the PowerPoint PC to the new VGA input on your Producer system.

There are a lot of if's to this solution but using NDI Tools - Scan Converter would allow you to capture the desktop of the PowerPoint PC and stream it to your Production PC if you have a network in place already that would be able to connect the two (2) PCs and this is assuming each PC is compatible with the NDI Tools available for free 

I hope this has offered some good options for you to evaluate and if you have any additional questions please come back to the forums.

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