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Problem capturing projected image on a screen

Good morning all -- I'm really the new kid on the block here, and I need some help.

We've just started using a PTZOptics 30 SDI camera for worship this past Sunday.

I'm also using PowerPoints in worship (which sometimes include a video clip). Except for a little graphic in each corner of the attached image, the original was a pure white background upon which we provided text. Alas, as you can see from the screen capture below, I'm picking up horizontal variously colored stripes.


I suspect the problem is that were still using an old Panasonic (while it has a single lens, I'm going to call it an RGB) projector. Moving to either a new(er) LED projector, or HD flatscreen monitors might eventually solve my problem. But, right now we're fighting a budget crunch and so I'm looking for a way, within the software, to cleanup the projected image I'm trying to capture.

As an aside, we migrated to the PTZOptics 30 SDI from using my Android cell phone (which worked, but was less than sterling technology). However, capturing the image on the screen, from the projector, while using the Android did not cause any problems. It's only when we moved to the PTZOptics 30 than we began encountering the display problems.

Any suggestions folks --

Many thanks in advance


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Hi Dale,

So what you are seeing is the scan line of the projector as it is producing the image.

The best way to try and mitigate the issue is by trying to match the cameras with the projectors refresh rate.

The ideal way is to fully match the refresh rate of the projector and camera with synchronization... this isn't always possible.

I would recommend seeing what the refresh rate your projector is using for these presentations and then trying to match that on the camera as a good starting point.

The other location you can try some manual adjustment to mitigate the problem is using the cameras OSD and adjusting the Shutter speed in the Exposure section.

Pleas let us know if anything above proved helpful or if additional information is needed to continue troubleshooting.

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