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Preset Exposure and White balance

hello everyone, I need your help for a somewhat extreme configuration of two PTZ optics cameras. We are a company that produces lighting products and we have created a new shooting room to present our lamps. Having different lighting powers I would like that at each saved position, different exposure and color temperature could be set. Do you think there is a way to do it not manually? I really thank you for your attention. Massimo
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Hi Denimassi,

What you are suggesting is most likely possible using a simply python script that can be executed from your PC.

If you could please share the settings / values, as text or screenshots, for the desired Color Temperature and Exposure settings I can see what would be possible.

I'll do my best to assemble an example with instructions to hopefully make creating as many "super presets" as you need.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near feature and hope this message finds you having a wonderful day.

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