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Pan limits?

 A pre-sales question: If a PTZ OPtics camera were mounted on a pole hanging from the center of the ceiling of a horse arena, could it follow a horse around and around and around in the same direction?  In other words, is there a pan limit, or can you pan thousands of degrees in the same direction (which would probably require slip ring connections to T, Z, and signal)?

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Hi Ed,

Excellent question and we'll be happy to assist.

The PTZOptics cameras do not feature a slip ring and thus would not be capable of continuously following a horse, or object, as it moves around a track.

We typically see these scenarios deployed with multiple PTZ cameras into and out of the bends OR

With multiple ZCams spaced appropriately to provide a full 360 degree view all of the time at a specific zoom level.

If we can be of any additional assistance with your research please don;t hesitate to return to the forums.

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