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Basic wiring setup for initial one camera/controller joystick

 I'm trying to figure out the exact wiring setup needed for a initial one camera system with controller using gen 2 30X non DNI camera and PTZOptics PT-JOY-G3 Joy stick. (we will add 2 more PTZ cameras later. Distance will be approx 50 feet.

Can I run one wire for power/signal/PTZ?

If not, what is needed?   (The other 2 cameras that will be added later will be about the 75 foot & 25 foot distance)



Hi Larry,

The PT-JOY-G3 is a network based controller. The cameras and joystick would just need to be connected to the same network for control.

The PT30X-SDI-xx-G2 can be powered with PoE so you can have power, video, and control all through it's network connection. 

The PT-JOY-G3 supports PoE too, so you could wire the cameras and controller to a PoE switch for power, control, and video. 

When using a PTZOptics PT-JOY-G3 Joy stick with a single camera is it possible to freeze frame the image when changing presets?

Hi Barry,

The PTZOptics camera's themselves have an Image Freeze option which will freeze the camera image while it is moving to a called preset.

The option Image Freeze is located in the OSD menu of the camera under the P/T/Z sub menu. 

Currently this feature will work over all video outputs except for the network video output. However, we will be adding support to the Network video feed as well soon. Firmware updates adding that functionality should be releasing around the end of March 2021. 

Thanks for the response. This raises another question: I'm planning a system involving three SDI video cameras. (One existing Vaddio PTZ SDI and two new PTZOptics SDI cameras.) Your software appears to provide the capability of controlling these cameras but not switching the SDI video. I need to have this capability to feed a single Thunderbolt input on an iMac with embedded audio on all cameras. Is this part of the Network feed you're referring to? If not, how do I achieve this configuration?

Hello Barry,

Our software does not support any sort of video switching, SDI, HDMI, or network based. It is for control only, it is not a switcher. 

You would need to use some sort of video mixing software like OBS (free), vMix, or Wirecast to act as a software switcher if you are not planning on using a hardware based switcher.

With the SDI models, audio does not embed over the SDI output. Audio fed into the camera's line input will only embed over the HDMI and Network video outputs.

If you want to use the SDI output of your three cameras and bring those feeds into the Mac, you would need to use some sort of SDI video capture card. If you want to bring it into the Mac through its thunderbolt input you would need a multi input external capture card. And you would likely want to run audio directly to the Mac as opposed to running it through the cameras which do not embed audio over SDI. 

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