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Basic wiring setup for initial one camera/controller joystick

 I'm trying to figure out the exact wiring setup needed for a initial one camera system with controller using gen 2 30X non DNI camera and PTZOptics PT-JOY-G3 Joy stick. (we will add 2 more PTZ cameras later. Distance will be approx 50 feet.

Can I run one wire for power/signal/PTZ?

If not, what is needed?   (The other 2 cameras that will be added later will be about the 75 foot & 25 foot distance)



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Hi Larry,

The PT-JOY-G3 is a network based controller. The cameras and joystick would just need to be connected to the same network for control.

The PT30X-SDI-xx-G2 can be powered with PoE so you can have power, video, and control all through it's network connection. 

The PT-JOY-G3 supports PoE too, so you could wire the cameras and controller to a PoE switch for power, control, and video. 

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