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Difference between web-based and hardware camera controls

There seem to be two overlapping ways to set camera parameters . I'm looking at my PTZ Optics 30x SDI Gen 2 in particular. Looking at exposire for example if I use either the camera remote to bring up the settings menu or the PTZ Optics control app I can set the same parameters, e.g. manual vs. auto white balance. If I log into the camera via it's IP address in a browser I see totally different options for exposire setting. Both seem to be setting the camera but I don't understand when to use which. Why two sets of settings?
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the settings in the on screen menu are the settings that you want to adjust. these settings are also effected by the control tool used for the camera. the settings that you find in the camera web interface in the image tab are more used for offsets on the fly so that during a show you don't have to open the menu to make a slight adjustment.

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