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IP Control

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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of TCP / UDP control settings when getting started with the PTZOptics cameras.

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Hi Thomas,

Yes, the camera is capable of storing up to 255 presets with a handful of exceptions.

Please see the Knowledge Base entry below that details the "special" presets that exist as well as detailing what presets are available via which protocol(s).

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

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The camera uses VISCA commands, so the speed is set in each command. So there isn't a place on the camera to set a PTZ speed, you define it when sending a PTZ command. The command list is linked below.

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Thanks Matthew

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Hi Matthew,
I'm using the PT-30X-NDI cameras (5 of them) with a Tricaster 460 on the Advanced 2 software.  The camera up and down is inverted and I can not find a check box in the camera's software nor on the Tricaster. It does work fine with the PTZ optics control software, but I watched a brief video on your website about camera control and it was fixed.

 We are using the NDI to control the camera on the Tricaster and it would be great to resolve this as soon as possible.  Thanks-love your products. 

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Hi Scott,

I am very sorry to hear about the inverted control issue plaguing you currently.

I'll do my best to assist you in getting to the root of the problem.

Are these cameras mounted in an inverted fashion?

If so I would recommend checking the in the cameras OSD and ensuring Flip-V is ON in the IMAGE settings section

This allows the camera to correct control to offer up is up movement when inverted.

The issue was resolved, per the Jim Davis video, quite some time ago with a firmware fix.

You can download the latest version of firmware for your camera using the PTZOptics Firmware Finder 

If you continue to have issues or need further assistance please don't hesitate to return to the forums or reach out to our support team.

PTZOptics Support Information

Phone: 1-800-486-5276 x.1004



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Hi Michael,

I have found the limitations imposed on the OBS plugin to comply with being open source can cause hiccups from time to time.

I would recommend either using the full PTZOptics Control App or using the WebUI of the camera as a dock-able interface within OBS.

For the audio / video sync there is a tool that can help you measure the instantaneous latency so that the guess work becomes much more of fine tuning.

OBS Audio Sync Tool 

Introductory Video: 

I hope these tools and links will be of value for you and if you have any additional questions please don;t hesitate to return; we'll do our best to support.

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Can you reverse the up/down on the joystick control G3 to 30X-ND camera?  I keep pushing up to bring the camera down (like in flight control, so this is very difficult to get use to.

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Hi Matthew,

We updated all the cameras on Friday and the same issue exists.  The cameras are mounted upright so inverting the image won't fix this.  If there is a new checkbox that I need to click on in the Camera menu, I do not see it with this firmware update.  Tricaster also does not have an invert Tilt control anywhere that I can see. Please let me know if there is something else we need to do.



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Andrew Sorry for such delayed response. I did check and the PTZ port is in fact still 5678 on both cameras via the web GUI. They can still access camera gui's and can also operate cameras fully from a remote IPAd application but still no control from the actual computer which is most effeciant for their work flow. I know that when the system was first installed they were still using Catalina OS and they updated the computer to Big Sur even after me asking them not update Os without talking to me first. Have ya'll seen any issues with Big Sur causing and system changes or non compatibility without firmware updates or a new version of the control software? Here are screen shots of settings for network in both Cameras. 

(390 KB)
(268 KB)

Andrew I also checked to make sure that the computer was only hooked to the hardline ethernet and wifi was disabled. 


It looks like Multicast is turned on in the network section of the .54 camera. Turn that option off, assuming your network is not configured to handle multicast traffic you would not want that turned on. After turning it Off be sure to click Apply at the bottom of the page and then go to the System section and Reboot the camera.

Do you have the latest version of the camera control app installed, v1.4.1? If you are still running v1.3, uninstall that version and download/install the latest version from here.

It sounds like everything is configured correctly on the network and the fact that it still won't work when disabling wifi makes me think something may be entered incorrectly within the control app itself.

So in the Multi Camera settings of the app, make sure there are no typos in the IP addresses. 

Also be sure that the dial next to IP camera is selected. The selected dial will be filled in black. 

If you still can't get it to work give us a call and we should be able to get it running correctly. 

The number for support is 484-593-2584. Support is available from 8 AM to 6 PM ET, Monday through Friday. 

Thanks Matt,

In NDI Studio Monitor, the camera works correctly. So it appears like somewhere in the Tricaster software it flips the Up and Down commands???  Thanks for your thoughts and help.


Yes, I saw that IP commands document, good to know.

Another question, in the user manual it says:


and for the save preset IP command both the user manual and the separate IP command document says:


I guess that "pp" can be anything from 0 to 255, giving 256 presets, right?

Hi Scott,

From my reading it is likely most efficient to reach out to NewTek support, or within their forums, to get the most up to date support information as quickly as possible.

If for any reason you continue to have issues or are not seeing a resolution in a timely fashion please do not hesitate to return here and we'll be happy to help you try to get to the bottom of this issue.

If NewTek is able to resolve your issue and you have the time to share what the fix was we are always happy to add some new knowledge to our repositories.

I’ve got a client who has two 20x cameras that have been running great for a year now. All of a sudden they have no control from the Mac control app. I’ve checked all up adderesses, rebooted, power cycled checked multi cam settings with no change. I can log directly into the camera through the IP address in safari browser and control both cameras. I’m also able to control both cameras in the Upgrade software. Any ideas where else I might look or ideas?
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