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IP Control

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This thread has been created for end users to discuss the topic of TCP / UDP control settings when getting started with the PTZOptics cameras.

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Hi Patrick,

The PT-JOY-G3 or HC-JOY-G3 allows for inversion of control from the joysticks when controlling a PTZOptics camera.

This setting is available by clicking the "Setup" button and using the joystick to navigate down to Setup 07/08 "Invert TILT"

Make sure this setting is "OFF" and you should resolve the airplane style of inverted control.

Of note we sometimes see this issue occur when the cameras image has been flipped within software, not via the cameras OSD, providing a similar effect.

If this is determined to be the issue make sure to make the image in software proper, reflecting being mounted upside down.

Then in the cameras OSD navigate to IMAGE and turn "Flip-V" to "ON"

This will invert the cameras image from the camera and allow for control to be handled in a non-inverted fashion.

If you have any other questions about the joystick or cameras please do not hesitate to return to the forums.

Ah, ok, there is a separate document listing IP commands. :-)

In the latest user manual I have found, that command is missing:


Hello Tomas,

Yes, we do have a separate document that lists the VISCA over IP commands for the cameras. (I linked it in my last response)

That document is updated and can also be found on the downloads page.

Hi Scott,

On the TriCaster if you boot into the Windows Desktop and open NDI Studio Monitor do you see the same inverted control occurring?

In reading a bit about this issue, TriCasters with Inverted Control exhibited on NDI cameras, I discovered some posts that shared something of note...

In the "Input Settings" on the TriCaster where the "Flip Camera" not checked that checking it fixed the inverted control, however it did also flip the image.

As if the button status was not in synchronization with the intended settings.

These posts stated they were reaching out to NewTek to get to the bottom of the issue but no updates were provided after.

I would be curious to hear if Studio Monitor exhibits this same inversion; either way we are happy to continue to support you in discovering the root of this odd issue.

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