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How to copy/backup PTZOptics Control App configuration to other computer

I have configured presets using the PTZ Optics Control App. How can these presets/configuration be copied to another computer?

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Hello Claus,

There isn't an easy way to copy over the settings in one instance of the app to the app on another computer. 

The easiest way to transfer over your presets would be to call the presets from some other method like the remote, web interface, or the app running on the other computer.

Then you would just have to click set and name the presets in the app on the new machine. This way the preset names and screenshots would match up on both versions of the app. 

Hi Colin,

Thank you very much for the information. The approach you outlined is what I have done - this is very cumbersome and error-prone. Are there any plans to remedy this shortcoming in an upcoming release f the control app? I wonder if this application has been abandoned by PTZOptics.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Claus,

I can pass this info along as a feature request to the team that works on the app.

The control app has not been abandoned by us. 

This app is something that we are currently working on improving and releasing updates for.

If there are any updates that add this feature I will respond here and let you know. 

Hi Colin,

Thank you very much!


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