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Using SDI Gen2 Camera as NDI camera

I have a new SDI Gen2 camera connected to an AJA U-Tap SDI-to-USB adapter, feeding into vMix on a new laptop.

But since I plan to connect the camera to Ethernet, can I just stream from the NDI(Ethernet) port on the SDI camera to the vMix computer?  Or do I need a PTZOptics NDI camera?  This would allow me to use PoE and eliminate the electrical power source and the SDI cable.  

Thank you!


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Hello Jim,

The SDI models can not use NDI out of the box but they can be upgraded to use NDI. You would need to purchase an NDI license from NewTek in order to use NDI with a SDI model.

But the SDI models can still output network based video without NDI. So if you got your camera set up on the network you would be able to access your cameras RTSP feed in vMix. We have a guide here that explains how to access the RTSP feed from the camera in vMix and some other software options. So you would be able to get power, video, and control all through the Ethernet connection (even if you aren't using NDI).

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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