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Individual Preset Pan/Tilt/Zoom Speeds

Is it possible to set individual pan/tilt/zoom speeds for various presets.   It seems tight shots move too fast, wide shots too slow.    I'm using a PT20X-USB-WH-G2 camera and HuddleCamHD HC-JOY-G2 Serial Controller Joystick. 

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A lower value would equate to a slower speed and higher speed values equals faster speeds.

This should be consistent across the different control interfaces you can use, joysticks, web interface, the free control app.

And it would be the same when setting the preset recall speeds as well.

What makes the camera move slower for pan and tilt -- a value below 7 or a value above 7?

What about call preset.  Do I want to use a lower value or a higher value to cause the camera to pan/tilt at a slower speed?

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Hi David,

You are absolutely correct.

The "Call Preset Speed" will adjust the speed of preset recall movement for Pan and Tilt only 

The "Pre Zoom Speed" will adjust the speed of preset recall movement for the Zoom level only.

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to return to the forums!

Quite helpful. Thanks.

Am I correct in assuming that the "Call Preset Speed" sets the P/T speed and the "Pre Zoom Speed" sets the "Z" ?

Hi Joe,

You can’t control the speed the camera moves between presets for specific shots. There are settings that affect the speed the camera moves between presets but they would affect movement speeds when calling any preset. 

The 2 settings can be found in the OSD under the P/T/Z sub menu. The options are Call Preset Speed and Pre Zoom Speed.

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