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Don't understand the control/speed options of the PTZOptics app

It seems the various speed drop downs in the upper right corner of the advance app panel control the camera action when using the arrow keys in the app. I don't know how they apply to transitions between presets. What function does the preset dropdown do? And the two motion sync buttons and the apply button don't seem to do anything. I've tried changing various OSD options including motion sync but the app seems unrelated to it.

Hello William,

That is correct, most of the speed drop downs in the advanced section only apply to manual control (with the arrow buttons) from the app.

These settings have no effect on preset recall speeds.

The only exception, would be the Preset drop down that you mentioned. The Preset drop down corresponds to an OSD menu option called "Call Preset Speed", this option controls the pan/tilt speed the camera will move at when presets are called. When you adjust this option you need to click the Apply button for it to take effect. (the apply button only needs to be used for this setting)

There is also another preset recall speed that can only be set in the OSD under the P/T/Z sub menu. That option is "Pre Zoom Speed", this sets the recall speed for zoom.

The Motion Sync buttons enable/disable the Motion Sync option. These buttons do not give any feedback when pressed but if you check the menu after enabling/disabling you should see the change in the OSD.

Also, it is important to note that when Motion Sync is on, the camera will ignore the traditional preset recall speed options. 

We have some more info on preset recall speeds and Motion Sync in this article

 Thank you for that information.  It helped me understand the interaction of the motion controls in the App vs the OSD.  I did more testing today and have more questions, or perhaps bug reports.

1.  I know MotionSync is an experimental feature but it doesn't seem to do much of anything for me, even though it is definitely turned on.  What I see happen for a diagonal pan is the camera moves at a 45 degree angle until one of the coordinates is correct and then goes purely horizontal or vertical till it gets to the destination.  I would expect the pan and tilt speeds to be different for MotionSync so that it would travel at a angle other than 45 or 90 degrees.  If I unlock the pan and tilt on the app and set them differently and then press a diagonal motion arrow the camera does more at a non-45 direction which I like.  But it doesn't do that going to a preset even though MotionSync is on.

2.  I don't see any effect of SpeedbyZoom.  I expected the pan to be slower when zoom way in but it doesn't seem to be.

3.  There's a small error in the app when you Set Preset Speed.  If you set it in the app to some number, say 3, the OSD shows the PresetSpeed to be one higher, say 4. 

Both my cameras are now on the latest Firmware and the app is Versions 1.4.1 which I think is the latest.

One final question.  is it possible for any joystick to provide proportional movement control?  In other words, can you use a joystick to move at angles other than 45 degrees and can you move the joystick a smaller amount and move slower?  I'm guessing not, no matter what joystick you use.  (I tried with the XBox controller and that's what I found.)

I've poked around more with it and concluded it's working OK.  It's not perfect in getting the three motors to the right place at the right time but close enough.  The main thing I did was set all the preset movement speeds to 1, the lowest value.  There's still a bug in the PTZOptics control app in that it sets the actual Preset pan/tilt speed one digit higher than the dropdown selected in the app. I'm just not going to use that button in the control app.

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